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feed icon Feel Better in Just One Breath in link World of Psychology (2019/6/16 17:45:46)
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Yoga has always been a source of strength and conditioning for me. Even as a child I was naturally flexible and athletic. The active, bendy part was easy, but the part of yoga that requires being still, breathing deeply, and quieting of my mind was ...
feed icon Do You Know Your Style of Passion? in link World of Psychology (2019/6/16 12:30:04)
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Studies by a Canadian researcher have identified two types of passion: harmonious and obsessive. According to Dr. Robert Vallerand, harmonious passion happens when we choose to do an activity we love and feel happy both during and after it. Harmonio ...
feed icon 3 Steps to Break Your Painful Relationship Patterns in link World of Psychology (2019/6/15 22:45:20)
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“Until you heal your past, your life patterns and relationships will continue to be the same; it’s just the faces that change.” – Unknown First of all: honey, you are not broken. We are all works in process. There is nothing inhe ...
feed icon Stay Funny, My Friends in link World of Psychology (2019/6/15 17:45:04)
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Within scientific circles, humor is often treated as a “non-serious” topic. According to the article “The Importance of Humor Research” by Peter McGraw in Psychology Today, many scientists fear that their work would be disrespected if they d ...
feed icon Psychology Around the Net: June 15, 2019 in link World of Psychology (2019/6/15 12:30:40)
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This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers ways you can be “good” at therapy (no joke), highlights an 11-year-old Montreal boy who created a video game to help kids understand mental health , how focusing on a few key habits can ...
feed icon Honoring Stepdads on Father’s Day in link World of Psychology (2019/6/14 19:30:23)
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It’s June. With Father’s Day approaching, the question again arises on the internet about whether to honor the Stepfathers and how. I wish the day would be renamed to something more inclusive. Fatherly Day? Male Role Model Day? All Male Nurturer ...
feed icon Best of Our Blogs: June 14, 2019 in link World of Psychology (2019/6/14 12:30:05)
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Father’s Day is this Sunday. For some, the holiday is a joyous occasion to celebrate the men in our lives who earned our love, trust and respect. But for others, it’s another reminder of what we lost, never had or will never be. There ma ...
feed icon Shame, When You’re Too Ashamed to Talk About It in link World of Psychology (2019/6/13 19:30:53)
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Daily we all experience a variety of emotions. Certain things make us happy, others sad. We may see certain people and feel love, or see other people who make us angry. And although most of us don’t go around discussing each emotion we are feeling ...
feed icon Podcast: Sexual Abuse: The Last Stage in Recovery in link World of Psychology (2019/6/13 12:30:12)
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 While searching for a way past her own childhood sexual abuse, Rachel Grant learned that many people don’t understand what, exactly, sexual abuse is and how to recover. Using her counseling background, Rachel was able to research and learn val ...
feed icon 3 Tips to Motivate Yourself Toward Improving Your Life in link World of Psychology (2019/6/12 22:45:24)
A healthy balance between acceptance and achievement can be difficult to find, but it’s possible. Need some life tips for getting started with self-improvement? Understanding how to stay motivated, despite your limiting beliefs is a great plac ...
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