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feed icon Intimacy as a Spiritual Path in link World of Psychology (2017/10/7 0:30:06)
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Attachment theory and neuroscience tell us that we’re wired with a human need for connection. Neither infants nor adults thrive without safe and secure relationships. Might our longing for connection and intimacy be synonymous with a spiritual lon ...
feed icon OCD & Exhaustion in link World of Psychology (2017/10/6 20:45:40)
When my son Dan’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was severe, he was always exhausted. At first, I attributed his lack of energy to the fact that he rarely slept well. But it soon became obvious, even when sleeping was not an issue, that he always f ...
feed icon We Are All Inherently Worthwhile: How to ‘Try On’ Worthiness in link World of Psychology (2017/10/6 16:35:29)
If you do not feel worthwhile, you may suffer from depression, torment yourself with self-criticism and/or lack the confidence you need to get where you want to in your life. You may feel unworthy because: Your parents or caretakers treated you as i ...
feed icon Best of Our Blogs: October 6, 2017 in link World of Psychology (2017/10/6 12:30:01)
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As someone who is sensitive, I avoid the news as much as possible. I’m also careful about what I consume (e.g. food, TV, movies). Things that doesn’t affect others can have a negative impact on the way I live my life. This is why all the ...
feed icon The Worst Relationship Advice in link World of Psychology (2017/10/5 23:20:35)
There’s no shortage of relationship advice. You see it all over the Internet—from dating do’s and don’ts to habits that build your bond. You see it on the shelves of your local bookstore—titles on everything from how to communicate to how ...
feed icon The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories: Why Do People Believe Them? in link World of Psychology (2017/10/5 15:45:49)
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Conspiracy theories are as old as time but it’s only in more recent years that psychologists have begun to unravel the belief that some people have in them. According to researcher Goertzel (1994), conspiracy theories are explanations that ref ...
feed icon Podcast: The Challenges of Returning to Work After Mental Illness in link World of Psychology (2017/10/5 12:30:48)
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In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss the challenges of returning to the workplace after being out for an extended amount of time, such as while recovering from mental illness. Gabe shares his firs ...
feed icon A Chemical Hiccup: Medicated Oblivion and Art in link World of Psychology (2017/10/4 23:30:12)
“I want to hold you in a warm Atlantic, A sea of my own making, a meringue of lapis wine.” It is bedtime, and I have swallowed my evening cocktail of bipolar drugs: 300 mg of Seroquel, the Lamictal, and, of course, the Clonazepam. The Seroquel s ...
feed icon Not Sure How to Respond? Take These 5 Steps to Assess Your Feelings in link World of Psychology (2017/10/4 20:30:49)
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Feelings are essential in our daily life. Unfortunately, many people shy away from their feelings, often out of fear of expressing them. While others end up giving their emotions free range and allowing them to rule their lives. But feelings have an ...
feed icon What You Can Do Before Anger Becomes Violence in link World of Psychology (2017/10/4 16:15:39)
When I heard about the violent attacks in Las Vegas, my heart sank. Why does this keep happening and what can we do to prevent it from happening again? Awful things are happening with much more frequency. The sense of powerlessness with each tragedy ...
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