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feed icon Psychology Around the Net: October 19, 2019 in link World of Psychology (2019/10/19 12:30:03)
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This week’s Psychology Around the Net looks at advice on helping your child cope with scary movies , a new study that shows men still feel judged for discussing their feelings, the most powerful obstacle standing between you and your goals , a ...
feed icon How to Have a Loving Relationship When You Don’t Know How in link World of Psychology (2019/10/18 19:30:38)
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By the time I was 20, I already understood that there was more to this thing called love than meets the eye. While falling in love was easy, the staying there and making it work proved elusive.        While my relationships would start off we ...
feed icon The Productive Hobby Trap in link World of Psychology (2019/10/17 19:30:34)
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That nagging thought was back. What should I be doing? I had a spare few minutes while my son was napping, I should maximize my productivity. Shouldn’t I? As a little girl, I watched my mother through the picture window working outside in her lege ...
feed icon Podcast: Clutter vs. Hoarding- What’s the Difference? in link World of Psychology (2019/10/17 12:30:19)
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We all have a friend or family member who just can’t seem to get out from under their accumulation of stuff. Their garage, guest bedroom and basement are packed, and you can’t see the top of the kitchen table. But when does “cluttered&#822 ...
feed icon Taking Care of Me: Getting Help for Depression and Burnout After Years of Caregiving in link World of Psychology (2019/10/16 22:40:20)
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Sometimes you don’t realize  you’ve been drowning until the moment you’re pulled to safety, gulping fresh air again. Like others who’ve battled depression, I didn’t fully comprehend how dark I felt while muddling through it.  Even i ...
feed icon Top 7 Evidence-Based Mental Health Apps in link World of Psychology (2019/10/16 17:45:12)
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According to a recently-published interview with John Torous, MD, MBI, Director of the Digital Psychiatry Division at the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, there are seven great evidenced-based mental health apps you ...
feed icon Inside Schizophrenia: Motivation in Schizophrenia in link World of Psychology (2019/10/16 12:30:12)
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 The word “schizophrenia” tends to conjure ideas of dramatic imagery: hallucinations, delusions, insane asylums in the general public’s mind. Most people don’t think of the boring parts that consume many with schizophrenia ...
feed icon How Long Will it Take to Get Used to your New Wheelchair? in link Redman Power Chair (2019/10/15 22:40:08)
When it comes to feeling comfortable in your new chair a few factors come into play, including the type of wheelchair you’re using, and your previous chair-use experience. If you’re a first time wheelchair user, have no fear! It may seem challen ...
feed icon Relationship OCD? ACT’s Cognitive Defusion Skills Can Help! in link World of Psychology (2019/10/15 19:30:27)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Maddie thought she liked and loved her fiancé but lately began to question whether she really did. Every time they were together she would start obsessing, “His ears are too big. Our kids are going to have big ears. They’ll resent me. Do I want ...
feed icon Detailed Voice Guidance In Google Maps Makes Walking For Blind People Much Easier in link Assistive Technology Blog (2019/10/15 14:51:13)
People with vision impairment who are also Google Maps users are in for a nice surprise! Starting October 10, which was also World Sight Day, Google announced a new update to Google Maps that will provide more detailed voice guidance and verbal anno ...
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