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Disability on the Internet

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feed icon Artists With Developmental Disabilities Can Sell Their Art At Stay Smiling in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/5/17 13:39:15)
This post was written by David Drake, founder of Stay Smiling. During my undergrad, I stumbled across a store that was run by individuals with developmental disabilities.  I loved the concept as a way to teach life-skills to those with challenges. ...
feed icon Mayo Clinic Study Helps Paralyzed Man Move Legs Again in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/5/15 14:06:11)
After a snowmobile accident four years ago, Jered Chinnock was left paralyzed from his torso down, unable to walk. He was prepared to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life but a new study between Mayo Clinic and UCLA is helping him get back to ...
feed icon “Intuitive” Hand Is A Bionic Arm That Can See What It Is About To Grip in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/5/11 14:22:00)
There are several types of bionic arms that work quite efficiently and help us perform our daily chores and activities. What if we could enhance the function of those limbs by giving them vision? Dr. Kianoush Nazarpour, a senior lecturer in biomedi ...
feed icon GiveVision SightPlus Goggles Give 8 Year Old Sight Again in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/5/9 14:28:54)
  You may have seen a video of eight year old Charlie Mason on social media who started losing his sight at the age of four. Charlie has Stargardt Macular Dystrophy which causes things far away to be fuzzy and small. Recently, Charlie tested a prot ...
feed icon Lo sport e i Disabili: quanto può aiutare? Quali sono gli Sport Migliori? in link Blog Disabili – (2017/5/5 11:21:55)
Sempre più spesso si vedono, in tv, sui social, degli atleti disabili e questo è un ottimo mezzo per far capire che in questo caso la disabilitànon deve essere un limite, ma che tutti possono praticare del sano sport, per stare meglio con se stes ...
feed icon Microsoft’s Learning Tools For OneNote Improves Reading For Students With Dyslexia in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/5/3 14:00:47)
If you saw the Microsoft in Education event yesterday in which Microsoft unveiled many new features and products for classes and students, you may have heard the presenters mention Learning Tools for OneNote as well. Learning Tools, and specifically ...
feed icon Differenze in link Speculum Maius (2017/4/29 20:23:57)
Trova le differenze… strategie evolutive Stando alla mia amica Maria Grazia, una delle ricerche più gettonate al momento su Google è differenza tra Orgoglio e Dignità ed è abbastanza triste che ci si debba ridurre a cercarlo su Google. Per ...
feed icon Harkla Weighted Blanket For Autism, Anxiety Or ADHD in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/4/24 13:13:04)
Weighted blankets have been used for quite a while in the world of special needs and anxiety disorders. However, they are starting to become popular outside of those realms and more in a day-to-day stress and sleep aid.  When looking for solutions ...
feed icon I Disabili e il Mondo di Lavoro, a che punto siamo? in link Blog Disabili – (2017/4/20 11:20:22)
Quello che si sta per affrontare è un argomento molto delicato, dato che il tema disabili e lavoro può essere considerato un tasto dolente, sebbene si stiano facendo dei passi da gigante per permettere il pieno inserimento dei portatori di handica ...
feed icon Sangue e terra in link Speculum Maius (2017/4/18 22:53:14)
Sangue e terra
Riprendere il respiro. Inspirare profondamente l’odore di sangue e terra di un corpo che si schiaccia al suolo in cerca di conforto. Ascoltare quel richiamo lontano di linfa vitale, solare, fiera che non scompare mai, anche quando sembra di no ...
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