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feed icon Psychology Around the Net: July 29, 2017 in link World of Psychology (2017/7/29 12:30:09)
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Happy Saturday, sweet readers! This week’s Psychology Around the Net takes a look at the benefits of accepting our darker emotions , how dangerous false memories are in the criminal justice system, how there actually is some instant gratificat ...
feed icon My Health Above All Else! in link World of Psychology (2017/7/28 23:45:49)
Life is all about balance, and as a person with bipolar disorder it is not something I am good at. I struggle finding the balance in my life whether it be with my personal relationships or my work life. I struggle more than the normal person would b ...
feed icon How to Recognize Your Possibilities — Especially When You Are Stuck in link World of Psychology (2017/7/28 20:15:40)
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“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Thich Nhat Hanh When problems arise, don’t you often think about first is that you can’t get past them? Then follows circuitous thinking fueled by becoming so consume ...
feed icon 8 Foods that Boost Your Mood in link World of Psychology (2017/7/28 16:20:44)
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What we eat might not be able to cure us indefinitely from depression. I learned that hard lesson earlier this year. However, researchers are compiling strong evidence that what we eat can influence our risk for developing depression and can keep pe ...
feed icon Best of Our Blogs: July 28, 2017 in link World of Psychology (2017/7/28 12:30:41)
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There will come a time when your parents, friends, and even your partner will disappoint you. We can’t stop people from saying the “wrong” thing to us. We can’t force them to always being there for us. We can’t protect ...
feed icon 7 Ways to Extinguish Gaslighting in link World of Psychology (2017/7/27 22:30:47)
The term “gaslighting” has been coined from a 1944 movie in which a husband who is trying to steal his wife’s inheritance convinces her that she is imagining things when she starts to notice odd and furtive behavior on his part. Their gas ligh ...
feed icon How Twitter Tamed My Anxiety in link World of Psychology (2017/7/27 17:45:44)
I’m sure a lot of you reading this are having a difficult time believing that Twitter could help decrease anxiety. I wouldn’t have believed it before I tweeted myself. In fact, the only reason I ventured into Twitter territory was because a soci ...
feed icon Podcast: Sleep: Are You Doing It Wrong? in link World of Psychology (2017/7/27 12:30:26)
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In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales examine the many aspects of sleep. It’s a state in which we spend a third of our lives, but many of us have poor sleeping habits . In this episode, you will learn a ...
feed icon Poesia in link Speculum Maius (2017/7/27 8:24:14)
Perle ai porci (hai frainteso una volta) ma anche i porci hanno bisogno di perle, come le perle di nascondersi nel fango.
feed icon The Feeling that You Are “Not Enough” in link World of Psychology (2017/7/26 22:30:07)
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Mike believed he had a good life and felt lucky for all the things he had. He was married to a loving wife, had a good job, owned a nice house, and had 3 healthy kids. Despite all his good fortune, Mike could not shake the nagging feeling that he wa ...
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