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feed icon Elevator Pitch: A Short Movie Highlights The Need For Accessibility In Public Transit Systems in link Assistive Technology Blog (2020/8/5 6:43:30)
Every major city provides public transportation to its residents but how many really care about making there stations accessible for disabled people? The lack of accessibility in particularly one city’s transit system – New York City’s Sub ...
feed icon New Research Finds Two Drugs That Can Possibly Stop Macular Degeneration From Spreading in link Assistive Technology Blog (2020/8/3 14:59:02)
Today, there is no approved drug in the market that stops or prevents macular degeneration in older people. That is most likely going to change in the future, looking at a research going on in the UK. Macular degeneration happens when the body’s i ...
feed icon Podcast: Your Gut Instinct is Bad For Your Relationships in link World of Psychology (2020/7/30 12:30:33)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
While caring for his wife as she struggled with a severe nervous breakdown, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky put the cognitive strategies he’d long been teaching others to work on his strained relationship. After seeing the incredible impact it had on his marri ...
feed icon Eye Tracking Evidence Shows that Social Anxiety Changes the Picture in link World of Psychology (2020/7/29 19:00:04)
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Social anxiety involves worry or fear that you will be judged, embarrassed, or humiliated in social situations and often leads to people avoiding or feeling distress in certain social environments. At the same time, research shows that social anxiet ...
feed icon Forgiveness: Yes? No? Maybe? in link World of Psychology (2020/7/29 12:30:34)
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“My step-father abused me, and my mother is always telling me to forgive and forget.” Jodie shook her head ruefully. “And how is that going for you?” I ask. “Not so good,” Jodie replies, “I’m not doing a good job at all.” Alex shar ...
feed icon Can you take a wheelchair on a plane? in link Redman Power Chair (2020/7/29 2:09:20)
TLDR: People with disabilities are allowed to fly on airplanes, and airlines are required to do so free of charge. Before booking your flight, contact the airport or airlines to speak with someone who can give you the details of their specific acces ...
feed icon How to get a disabled person downstairs in link Redman Power Chair (2020/7/29 0:21:32)
TLDR: when it comes to moving a disabled person downstairs, there are several options you have to choose from. One of the conventional transportation methods for disabled people is using a stairlift or stair rail. Both of these modes of transportati ...
feed icon From Making Yourself Miserable to Making Yourself Happy in link World of Psychology (2020/7/28 19:00:31)
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To appreciate how skilled you are at making yourself feel miserable, take this quiz. After completing the quiz, add up your score. Anything more than 15 means you could be a lot happier. 1 = Not typically me 2 = On occasion this is me 3 = Yup, that ...
feed icon 6 Goal-Directed Strategies to Help Increase Your Resilience in link World of Psychology (2020/7/27 19:00:32)
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Friedrich Nietzsche’s adage ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger’ is the idea of rising above adversity in reaching personal development and growth. The challenging part is actually taking the necessary steps to face adve ...
feed icon How PTSD Can Cause Learning Disabilities in link World of Psychology (2020/7/27 12:30:04)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that affects about eight million people every year in the United States. Between 7 and 8% of the population will experience some degree of PTSD in their lifetimes. While most people understand tha ...
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