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feed icon Another School Shooting, Another Week in America in link World of Psychology (2018/2/16 20:22:07)
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There are no words to express the depth of frustration, agony, and heartbreak I feel when I see in the news that there has been yet another school shooting in America. 17 dead. Seventeen lives ended before they could graduate high school, find love, ...
feed icon Preventing and Healing from School Violence Takes a Village in link World of Psychology (2018/2/16 16:20:59)
As our nation reels from the devastating event of the school shooting in Florida this week (number 18 in 2018, according to CNBC and other media outlets), it’s easy to point fingers and blame the gun industry for making the guns, law makers for wh ...
feed icon Best of Our Blogs: February 16, 2018 in link World of Psychology (2018/2/16 12:30:26)
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At some point in your life, you ran into someone with an illness. The problem is you know and like them. You might even love them. But this thing you don’t understand is causing cracks in your relationship, and it’s hurting you. You have ...
feed icon How to Feel Normal Again in link World of Psychology (2018/2/15 22:30:27)
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“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.” – Deepak Chopra When I was a young girl, I often f ...
feed icon 7 More Ways to Navigate Anxiety with Art Journaling in link World of Psychology (2018/2/15 17:45:40)
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Anxiety is an uncomfortable emotion with uncomfortable physical sensations. Our chest tightens. Our breathing gets shallow. Our stomach feels like we’re on a rollercoaster with exactly one thousand drops. We feel restless. Our thoughts are fast an ...
feed icon Podcast: More With Pulitzer Prize Finalist Pete Earley in link World of Psychology (2018/2/15 12:30:58)
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Pete Earley returns to talk more about mental health advocacy and lots of other things. He tells of how he came to co-author a book with Jessie Close and talks of his days writing his own spy novels and several books with former Speaker of the House ...
feed icon Osservando la foresta dei feed… [2/2] in link Speculum Maius (2018/2/15 12:14:46)
Osservando la foresta dei feed… [2/2]
Nella prima parte di questa riflessione, scrivevo Le ricerche e il lavoro fatto in questi giorni mi ha portato anche qualche riflessione più generale sui cambiamenti avvenuti in questi anni, in cui  “siamo divenuti feed”  anche senza avere un ...
feed icon What a Beautiful Life: The Fulfillment of Failure in link World of Psychology (2018/2/14 22:30:25)
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Can you imagine things going right on the first try? It would be fantastically … boring! Just picture sitting down to center clay on the pottery wheel. Your hands wrap around the mud. Your foot hits the pedal. And within seconds, the job is done. ...
feed icon The Basics of Self-Love in link World of Psychology (2018/2/14 17:45:56)
“It’s surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves, and if you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can’t be comfor ...
feed icon Tutto sull’amore (ma non quello dei romanzi) in link Speculum Maius (2018/2/14 13:13:23)
Tutto sull’amore (ma non quello dei romanzi)
Chiavi di lettura interessanti… BiblioMediaBlog Il 14 febbraio si festeggia – più o meno volentieri, a seconda di fasi della vita, età e propensioni personali – la festa di San Valentino , ricorrenza dedicata agli innamorati e all’amor ...
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