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feed icon The Fin Is The World’s First Amphibious 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg in link Assistive Technology Blog (2018/8/7 14:01:33)
Researchers have developed a new prosthetic leg that will allow amputees to swim without having to worry about switching to a waterproof prosthetic leg as they get in and out of a swimming pool. No other known prosthetic leg can seamlessly go from w ...
feed icon Rowheels Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair Provide Greater Comfort And Reduces Shoulder Injury in link Assistive Technology Blog (2018/7/30 13:31:48)
At first glance, the Rowheels Revolution 1.0 wheelchair looks like just another wheelchair, albeit a little slick. However, what its looks don’t tell you is that it is designed from scratch to provide greater comfort, extended mobility, and  ...
feed icon The Effects of Sunlight on OCD Symptoms in link World of Psychology (2018/7/27 22:45:12)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
When my son Dan was dealing with severe OCD, he would often be awake all night, pacing throughout the house. It was not unusual for me to get up in the morning and find him fast asleep on the living room floor, or wherever else he happened to finall ...
feed icon Surviving the Class Reunion: Where Past and Present Collide in link World of Psychology (2018/7/27 17:45:48)
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I take a deep breath. Pushing open the door, I’m hit by a sea of faces and a hubbub of noise. Everything is a blur, and I can’t recognize anyone at first. But then I spot my good friend Marilyn. And, yes, I think that’s John — the one wh ...
feed icon Approval Seeking or Approval Sucking: Whose Opinion of You Matters Most? in link World of Psychology (2018/7/26 22:40:29)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
“Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.” – Harvey Mackay Easier said than done at times, Harvey, since many are pre-disposed to linking their physical ...
feed icon Conscious: How to Turn Off Your Autopilot in link World of Psychology (2018/7/26 17:45:16)
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Today’s accelerating pace of disruptive change challenges many people’s ability to adapt. Despite our best efforts, many of us feel left behind — failing to learn quickly enough to move with the times. The ultimate culprit is not simply a ...
feed icon Podcast: My Mentally Ill Brother Murdered Our Parents in link World of Psychology (2018/7/26 12:30:50)
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 A mental illness diagnosis is not only hard on the individual, but the person’s entire family. This week’s guest shares the story of one of his brothers, whose behavior would ultimately be diagnosed as schizophrenia, but who went  untreated ...
feed icon 4 Top Risk Factors Associated with Dementia in link World of Psychology (2018/7/25 22:45:59)
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By studying data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS), researchers from Boston University School of Medicine identified combinations of factors that were linked to an increased risk of dementia in older age. The findings were published in the Jou ...
feed icon Good Therapy Fosters Success in Marriage in link World of Psychology (2018/7/25 17:45:06)
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Good therapy has helped countless women succeed in marriage. Often a women (or man) can get in her own way without knowing it. Ambivalence about marrying can cause her to stay involved with someone who won’t commit or reject one who will. For vari ...
feed icon Is Falling in Love a Choice? in link World of Psychology (2018/7/25 12:30:24)
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We have all heard the saying, “ the heart wants what the heart wants ” implying that we have no choice about falling in love. It’s just this uncontrollable, sweeping emotion that takes hold and overwhelms us. But is that really true, or do we ...
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