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feed icon GeneSight Test: No Significant Results? Try a Different Research Measure in link World of Psychology (2020/1/14 19:30:19)
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As I’ve discussed previously , drug-gene testing, also referred to as pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics, doesn’t really yet work for psychiatric drugs and disorders. People are buying a promise that’s not backed up by the resear ...
feed icon A Midlife Crisis or a Midlife Unraveling?  in link World of Psychology (2020/1/14 12:30:28)
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The past few years I have become increasingly aware that I should feel free and brave by now with my continuous journey of self-discovery and openness to dive deep into my story and find out what makes me who I am. Four years ago, I boldly took off ...
feed icon 10 Ways to Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Man in link World of Psychology (2020/1/13 22:30:03)
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Your future happiness is in your hands. Why am I single? It’s a question many single women ask themselves. But for women who want a man who makes them feel great, sticks around, and holds you tight in his arms, stop what you’re doing ri ...
feed icon Dealing with Feelings of Failure as a Parent in link World of Psychology (2020/1/13 19:30:22)
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As I am writing this, I am rife with regret over how I just responded to the totally age-typical meltdown my 3-year-old had about nap-time. Of course, he did not want to stop playing in order to lie down and rest. Of course, he felt powerless to a s ...
feed icon Podcast: Sex Addiction, Hypersexuality, and Mental Illness in link World of Psychology (2020/1/13 12:30:19)
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Sex addict. Nympho. You’ve likely heard these words used for a person with hypersexuality, but what exactly is this condition? Is hypersexuality really a symptom of a mental disorder or is it just a super high libido? Where does one draw the line ...
feed icon Karmzah Is A Super Hero With Cerebral Palsy in link Assistive Technology Blog (2020/1/13 3:38:12)
Representation matters. Farida Bedwei, a software engineer and entrepreneur from Ghana, is the creator behind Karmzah, a crime fighting archaeologist with Cerebral Palsy who uses assistive devices to fight bad guys. Karmzah, who is Morowa Adjei when ...
feed icon Adoptive Families Are Real Families: A Note from a Mom in link World of Psychology (2020/1/12 22:30:27)
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As a freelance writer, words mean a great deal to me.  In fact, I spend my days putting together just the right combination of words to form personal essays and blog posts, which are published regularly at magazines and websites, including psychcen ...
feed icon Missing Limbs: Reuniting the Body of Yoga in link World of Psychology (2020/1/12 17:45:44)
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This attitude of silent observation is the very foundation of yoga. You see the picture, but you are not the picture . – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj As a psychotherapist, I often have people tell me that one of their techniques for dealing with e ...
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