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feed icon The Five Most Famous Wheelchair Users in link Redman Power Chair (2019/8/20 22:57:05)
In the face of great mobility challenges, countless world-changers have done so from their wheelchairs. Who comes to your mind? Here’s our list of the top five famous wheelchair users: 1. Franklin D Roosevelt Did you know that the 32nd President o ...
feed icon Psychology Around the Net: August 17, 2019 in link World of Psychology (2019/8/17 12:30:10)
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This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers the depiction of mental illness on social media , a simple exercise to help with self-discipline , an update to the nation’s crisis hotline , and more. Dive in! How to Fight Mental Illness Sti ...
feed icon How Long-Term Friendships Enrich Our Lives in link World of Psychology (2019/8/16 19:30:11)
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Yesterday I found myself in the familiar presence of people who have been pivotal in my life for 40 years. Like everyone else I now know and love, they were once strangers, going about their own lives, not knowing I existed either until our paths cr ...
feed icon You Aren’t a Narcissist, But Could You Be an Echoist? in link World of Psychology (2019/8/15 19:30:53)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Most of us are familiar with narcissism. In fact, most of us probably know a narcissist or two. Those people who have enormous, self-serving egos and an inflated sense of importance. These people can often seem charming, but have a difficult time su ...
feed icon Podcast: Planning for Death and Why It Matters in link World of Psychology (2019/8/15 12:30:03)
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In this episode, Gabe talks with editor-in-chief Dr. John Grohol about the importance of planning for the end of life.  We all know that everybody dies, but at the same time, no one wants to think about their own inevitable death. ...
feed icon How Do You Know When Someone Doesn’t Value Your Feelings? in link World of Psychology (2019/8/14 19:45:16)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Relationships come in all forms.  There are long term friendships, short term friendships, intimate friendships, familial relationships and collegial friendships. Regardless of the type of relationship you have with another person, each have the sa ...
feed icon If You Don’t Have Enough Time, This Can Help in link World of Psychology (2019/8/14 12:30:07)
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It’s safe to say that most of us feel like we don’t have enough time. We feel like we don’t have enough time to spend on work projects or hobbies. We don’t have enough time to fold the laundry, do the dishes, or mop the floors. We don’t ha ...
feed icon How People on Twitter Are Different from Everyone Else in link World of Psychology (2019/8/13 19:30:22)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Tweets have become a routine part of the national conversation in the U.S. They are discussed on shows ranging from network newscasts to late-night comedy. Sometimes a big event is announced on Twitter before it is mentioned anywhere else. Tweets ca ...
feed icon 3 Secret Tactics for Dealing with Difficult People in link World of Psychology (2019/8/12 19:30:15)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Difficult people can inhabit (and intrude into) many areas of our lives: work, home, neighborhood, social and professional affiliations, even at the sanctuary of the gym! Whether someone acts defensive, rude, passive-aggressive, critical, or lies an ...
feed icon Podcast: How Money Impacts Mental Illness in link World of Psychology (2019/8/12 12:30:13)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
In this episode, our hosts discuss how the amount of money and resources a person has influences their mental health care. Listen now to hear how Gabe and Michelle tackle this difficult social discussion — and have a couple laughs along the wa ...
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