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feed icon What is Sensory Integration Therapy? in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/6/20 14:09:07)
This article first appeared on . Harkla makes weighted blankets for Autism, Anxiety, and ADHD. Sensory integration is the process through which we sense the world around us. We use our sensory organs to receive information and, on a higher ...
feed icon MIT Researchers’ Prototype Wearable System Helps Blind People Navigate in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/6/19 14:00:23)
Over the last three years or so, there have been several technological innovations geared towards helping blind people navigate, and continued innovation in that space is  keeping things exciting. Recently, a team of researchers from MIT came up wi ...
feed icon Tracce in link Speculum Maius (2017/6/16 19:38:37)
“La conoscenza di tutti i fatti umani del passato ha come sua prima caratteristica quella di essere una conoscenza per via di tracce” (M. Bloch) Invisibili svelate oblique nascoste tremanti segnano perimetri, rivelandoti e seppellendoti nel temp ...
feed icon Harris Communications Offers Personal Sound Amplifiers Ranging Between $139 and $399 For Those With Hearing Loss in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/6/16 13:57:40)
With the average hearing aid costing $3,000 for just one ear, those with hearing loss often suffer in silence, unaware of the many affordable personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) available at a fraction of the cost. To increase awareness an ...
feed icon Scewo Wheelchair Has The Ability To Climb Up Stairs in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/6/14 14:20:46)
Can wheelchairs climb stairs? Well, not today, but it is definitely a possibility in the future! Scewo, a prototype wheelchair still in active development, has the ability to not only go over curbs and other smaller obstacles, but also climb up stai ...
feed icon È tempo di reboot (G. Jannis) in link Speculum Maius (2017/6/6 0:30:48)
È tempo di reboot (G. Jannis)
…Ovviamente, il dinosauro lotta e combatte, terribile perché disperato, la sua epoca sta finendo. Però da questa parte occorre un sentimento. Una pratica di partecipazione, che porti a un sentimento di appartenenza. Una comunità. Non una se ...
feed icon “Tactile” Converts Text To Braille In Real Time (For Books, Magazines, Food Menus..) in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/6/5 14:22:14)
If a blind person wants to read a book, they either have to get a braille version of it, or get it converted to audio so they could start listening to its content. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just grab a book, and a braille accessory cou ...
feed icon Microsoft’s Training Video Is A Great Introductory Guide To Disability & Accessibility in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/6/2 14:08:59)
When it comes to disability etiquette, there is a long list of dos and don’ts that we all need to be aware of. For those of us who are just starting to get familiar with them, Microsoft has created a great introductory video that tells us some ...
feed icon L’incudine in link Speculum Maius (2017/6/1 16:50:22)
Talvolta ci si sofferma più del necessario nella terra di mezzo dell’indecisione, dell’incompiuto, dei mondi paralleli e possibili… Una terra che ci priva di certezze – quelle poche rimaste nella bisaccia alleggerita sulla s ...
feed icon Giulia e Umberta a Malaga in link Diversamente Agibile (2017/5/31 11:21:52)
Ciao a tutti e tutte, siamo Giulia e Umberta, e con alcuni amici siamo state tre giorni a Malaga. Vi riportiamo di seguito il nostro itinerario con varie precisazioni sui locali dove abbiamo mangiato. Per chiunque avesse bisogno di ulteriori informa ...
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