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feed icon I Disabili e il Mondo di Lavoro, a che punto siamo? in link Blog Disabili – (2017/4/20 11:20:22)
Quello che si sta per affrontare è un argomento molto delicato, dato che il tema disabili e lavoro può essere considerato un tasto dolente, sebbene si stiano facendo dei passi da gigante per permettere il pieno inserimento dei portatori di handica ...
feed icon Sangue e terra in link Speculum Maius (2017/4/18 22:53:14)
Sangue e terra
Riprendere il respiro. Inspirare profondamente l’odore di sangue e terra di un corpo che si schiaccia al suolo in cerca di conforto. Ascoltare quel richiamo lontano di linfa vitale, solare, fiera che non scompare mai, anche quando sembra di no ...
feed icon Everything You Want To Know About Stairlifts Is Right Here in link Assistive Technology Blog (2017/4/17 14:06:09)
Ever wondered if you can make stairs at home accessible for your elderly loved ones or other family members whose disabilities may prevent them from going up and down the stairs? Our friends over at Home Healthcare Adaptations  have created a compr ...
feed icon Decision Fatigue: Does it Help to Wear the Same Clothes Every Day? in link World of Psychology (2017/4/17 12:30:43)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Ever since the late Steve Jobs popularized the idea, some folks have been enamored by the idea that by wearing the same clothes everyday, you are somehow setting yourself up for greater success. The psychological reasoning behind this is the idea th ...
feed icon Spot and Appreciate Micromoments of Positivity Resonance in link World of Psychology (2017/4/17 0:30:53)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
The other day, I had one of those moments which must be unique to this particular historical moment: I put an opinion on the internet and got some incredibly mean comments in response. I was upset. I left the house with my dog, who is exceptionally ...
feed icon Marriage: Ball and Chain or Free to Be You? in link World of Psychology (2017/4/16 20:15:37)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
If you’ve been doing fine on your own for some time, you may fear that marriage will cost you your freedom. Actually, a good marriage supports you to be free to be who you are, because partners consider each other’s needs, as well as their own. ...
feed icon How to Deal with Covert Narcissist (Or ‘Victim’) Parents or In-Laws in link World of Psychology (2017/4/16 16:20:27)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
An overt narcissist is someone who openly states, “I’m great, I only deserve the best, nobody is as great as me,” and so forth. They are fairly  easy to spot . A covert narcissist is different. Everything still ends up being all a ...
feed icon Spring Cleaning? The Most Important Areas to Declutter in link World of Psychology (2017/4/16 2:30:19)
One of my great realizations about happiness (and a point oddly under-emphasized by positive psychologists) is that for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm . More, really, than it should. After all, in the context of a happy life, a c ...
feed icon Bipolar Loses Its Romance in link World of Psychology (2017/4/15 23:15:57)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
For years, I thought my mental illness was romantic. I felt I saw things clearer than people without mental illness. I felt I was somehow more real, more in touch with reality, more capable of feeling. I thought it made me more interesting. When, a ...
feed icon Too Much Time on Your Hands? in link World of Psychology (2017/4/15 19:20:01)
sound Podcast : image/jpg
Everybody’s always complaining about how busy they are. Stressed out, running around, too much to do, no time to relax. Yet, the opposite problem exists for many people. They have too much time on their hands. Nothing to do and all day to do it. A ...
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